Just starting….ummm…what have I to say???

Much to say about my musical journey, now that Ryan has got me on it…….the trials, tribulations, joy, motivation, de-motivators, communities, singers, composers, songwriters, websites, laws, piracy, rights, performance, struggle, greats, not-so-greats, winners, losers, learning, passion, teams, break-ups, experimentation, western, eastern, world-music, indian, MJ, Rahman, cine music, bands, solos, duets, chorus, arrangements, programming, sound, quality, mixing, editing, ragas, …..the list goes on and on as I look back. What do I do now…..find out how’s it with you….where are the answers to quests…of thousands of passionate musicians tapping on in home studios, queuing outside music companies, production houses, education institutes….


2 thoughts on “Just starting….ummm…what have I to say???

  1. so here we go again…Just when you think you got something new going (MY New Blog, of course)….the friendly jealousies crop. This time it is my best friends – Mr. Laptop & Mr. Desktop…the right and left of me…the job part…power projects & engineering AND on the other side….creating music & words to go with it. Both decided to force me to a weekend of shopping and satisfying their needs. So I had to get Mr.laptop a new keypad and Mr. Desktop additional RAM and HDD!! Well blogging or music or Engineering work, one has got to be THE technician….no more “waiting for the technician” that we still get to hear even in professional audio theaters and studios at times. And “NO SECRETARIES, please”..to type….unless you need to be mothered or else…just someone to praise you at the end of the day! You gotta be fooling yourself then. At the end of the day you just gotta sleep with the feeling of having achieved that bit….and you have earned your night’s repose. But software & hardware problems ….ugh…bad ulcers if you have to sleep over them…bloggers, readers and globlemen-weemen!!! Sounds great…Julius Caeser…21st Century speaks out!

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