Uploading my music on www.reverbnation.com/yogifriends

Back to my Blog after long time. Some interesting power projects with my company http://www.pentaclepowerengg.com last one year…..but where’s the result? It takes forever to clear power projects from concept to commissioning. And then….clients keep making mistakes. It can be just paperwork, money issues, viability issues, etc. But the major problem I am noticing, is wrongly tuned-in teams! A Broker-consultant approach where percentages are discussed; the ‘expertise’, but ‘faith’ issues either disregarded or not addressed with due clarity and openness through a process of relation-building and working towards a Financial Closure in a concentrated manner….used to work 3 years ago. But authorities have become wiser and short-cut maneuvers in post-recession phase will not work.

So while we wait….for moolah to take shape…..likes of me go back to home studios and music…..more songs available on http://www.reverbnation.com/yogifriends. We’ll be talking about our music on WordPress!!!! Friends needed.


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