CHINA intends to set up manufacturing units in India to cater to Indian Power/Energy/Infra development. NEED FEEDBACK!

We have all been in awe of China…the way they sell and flood markets with “cost-effective” products which may not work well, but we had “just that” in our budget!

AS developers of power projects, we have spent such a huge chunk in catering to a corrupt India (against whom Anna Hazare goes on Fast this very day!) and how long it took us to get those statutory clearances! Now we must budget TIGHT hereon….that leaves us “high & dry” with CHINESE GENERATING MACHINERY…the turbines, boilers, Balance of Plant, etc.  as a damning but only logical solution when sitting in the corner seat of a CEO chair….as I have often heard! Most private developers I have known……even say….”equipment….China of course!” Some cannot even name 2 or 3 Indian companies who make various essential machinery components……and I am not exaggerating!!

In times when the North East and Arunachal Pradesh are abuzz with ingress of Chinese activity on a more politically alarming note, we have a Power/Energy/Infra sector brainstorming options available to put projects and a phenomenal intake of FDI on rails and fast-track……many times, the only solution lying in importing generating machinery and essential construction equipment from CHINA.

As a consultant and professional in Power/Energy with significant career-span devoted to manufacturing and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction); I have mixed opinions to influence my opinion, whether CHINA  IN INDIA in such measure would be a wise option; necessary as it may be!

I attended ALSTOM’s 100 year celebrations and the pledge to media (CNN was co-organizer) and country that they have similar commitment to create manufacturing facilities of high production volumes over next decade to cater to all needs of the sector. Also, BHEL, SIEMENS, etc. have sincere commitments and capability; as also a growing 100% Indian owned business units including SMEs, MMEs, etc.

Are we truly in such a Backlog to create capacity with China. In spite of a shrinking world and logic of global economics and in a volatile market scenario, this sounds financially logical and imminent; now that we have huge capacity with Chinese made equipment in India…which would need continuous servicing and maintenance too. But, is it politically correct to make a U-Turn so soon after a policy that Chinese workers and professionals were even being denied long-term visa for working in India and subjected to severe red-tape at times too.

Where lies the political and fiscal pragmatism of CHINA MANUFACTURING IN INDIA! Your feedback welcome on this forum or in private to

Thanks & Regards,

Yogesh Bahadur


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