Happy New Year and in India, let the Music Play!

As the year 2016 bids adieu, the people may not, but the morning newspaper sure carries all the many ways that one can have the best of it as the year turns 2017 on the 31st. Now, that is one constant, which I hope the world keeps the way it is (smiley).

So if you are planning for the raunchiest party in the city or to sit quietly at home with any part of your family, watching the ‘stars’ celebrate it on TV since you have stood in Queues at banks and won’t brave city traffic, you would want to hear the “Bass & Kick” music, the way ‘babby’ likes.  For those who are not familiar, this last bit was famous the catch-line of the most popular Bollywood song in 2016 (Baby-ko-Bass-pasand-hai) – that’s the way it is, guys!

Times are where that is all we need to hear of  ‘music’ from whosoever. The lyrics, expression and emotion are ‘dated’ concepts in times when people; the best of us for that matter, have just too much on minds and we all need hi-octane ‘thuds’ stronger than our heart-beats and cymbal-crashes harsher than the chaos around us, just to make us feel ‘alive’.

For others there is politics and world affairs to rue, with assumption that nobody in his right mind ever wants to celebrate his New Year that way unless your country got independence from a tyrant that year or something as mind blowing as that. For my dear Americans, my kind courtesies on that account please and I ain’t said nothing!

For Indians in India, the PM’s ‘brave’ move of ending corruptive India for good by banning high denomination currency one fine evening of 2016 will be the talking point for a long time on. Also in 2017 we shall see an India where we follow traffic signals religiously. And if we don’t, then the traffic policeman will politely ask for your license, cut the challan and you will coolly deposit the fine through your “e-wallet”. You will not even think of offering him a ‘whatever’ because ‘bribe’ would have become a word used only on the EPIC and HISTORY channels on TV, or on the many pending court cases in India on any corruptive intent, which will be up for trial and deliver their verdicts in 2017 as has been promised per today’s news reports by our leader.

Personally this was a year when I never got paid for any of my efforts, which does not mean that I was out of ‘work’ of course; so I did what was next best – which is, to sit tight, not spend and my Godly talents to sing and compose music all by myself with zero expense leading to momentary nirvana; having done much on ‘the sides’ over a decade in preparation and a lifetime of casual endeavor.

As a family we saved a lot more money that way too because I realized that when we earn, we like to spend all. Now that Modiji has set all his plans so Indian people find lesser and lesser motivation to spend, I strongly support the idea as now I have seen first hand the virtues of ‘forced coercion to hold our wallet’ and the spouse or your girl friends or whoever it is for you who extorts from you for feeble reasons will not complain! All of you find reasons to be out-of-job please; then it will not be ‘coerced’ conversion (chuckle!).

That way it has been a peculiar year, this 2016 where most of us just took the easy path to ‘praise the leader’ at his every speech and move; while others grew bolder with their disgruntlement over superior authority who has seized away a hitherto ‘way of life’ with such disdain as if the ‘aam aadmi’ (ordinary man) is a scapegoat to world-wide terrorism and international corruption ‘either way’!

And what of the ‘ordinary educated, high salaried & worldly’ citizen of today living in the cyber-class metro localities of the country and who form the section of society which is most active on social media with blogs, educated “WhatsApp” discussions, Facebook arguments, et al?

This breed of a ‘citizen’ is ideally the devil’s advocate in present context. Generally speaking there is a considered ‘love’ for the country which appears now and then (hi-Q patriotism) when inwardly he/she is hoping they were somewhere in US/Europe/Abu-Dabi or had a house and bungalow larger, bigger and more luxurious than one they are living in or he/she can live that kinda life in a metro city in his/her middle-class colony; be it a cybercity or a classy-ish habitat as far on outskirts like a Navi Mumbai or Gurgaon. Apologies if that seems like getting at anybody somehow, but I meant to define a man/woman of today to my best. These are the people who make India and are in my view, the facilitators of change as their own drive to excel translates ideally and hopefully to GROWTH and development; buoyed by motivation and constant nudging of their fine employers or clients, as the case may be.

I find myself somewhere at the cusp of belonging to such society and hard as it has continued to become for friends and associates, I find it extremely difficult to define myself; more so now after musical ‘bassNdrum’ began to flow this fantastic year of 2016. Like all self-development schemes the admiration and criticism from others usually come on heels or each other, although they rarely come as expression in words by most. To some there is an age-factor to do anything and to many still in our society, to strive towards anything with a bold agenda to excel beyond ordinariness confuses! The reactions whether direct or just plain indicative, have been educative for me in terms of “perceptions” if not shocking at times even as the ‘hurt’ phase has expired just for improvements each day and thank God for that.

Modiji, our dear honorable PM commendably announces his intentions the way no other leader before has like “dekho….aage kya hota hai!” (see what I will do next); so we are all confused and waiting to see what next and run to newspaper each morning to see what he has thrown out of the system next.

So watch me and listen, just like that you all too please (wink!) and welcome 2017 with my songs and if you say ‘like’ they will come even better and if you cannot, thank you still because I am not Modiji and silences for us mortals too are just….that as well (smiley)! The bass is there, but ‘baby’ a little tough until you take my music AWAY from the ‘home’ (smiley+winks)!

And as for the politics and social upheaval, India has always found the better way ahead and this time we shall too. My sincere prayers for smooth transition and the winner is India and only India with a new thought and hopefully the drum-n-bass shall have the lyrics heard too!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year and in India, let the Music Play!

    1. Thanks Ravindraji, here’s another Blog called “Waiting to be Trumped?” and this time it is about our common profession 🙂

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