To ‘fret’ or not to!?

Dil ko rouun, ke’ ya jigar ko hasoon

Apni dono se aashnayee thi

 Which is an urdu couplet from one of the famous Ghulam Ali Ghazals and translates to,

                                          Should I cry to my Heart, or laugh for my courage?

                                           I have been always friendly to BOTH!

 Since readers of B-grade blogs, from unceremonious writers from common world, have to be exclusively bright folks, I will assume you have understood the context to the title of this ‘blog’. Of course the reason I write is that modern postulates of social media (numbers and ‘likes’ – Lol) some day will step me up a grade and I am too proud to go down further than that on my self-grading.

The first time I came to know I wrote ‘well’ was a project report I wrote at my first job with a shipyard in Newport, Rhode Island, USA and the management showered praise so I have been doing it more and more often and now here I am!

Here in Newport was also my first tryst with my writer-thinker and analyst kind of ideology (now I claim to be a business strategist for so much practice) versus masses as gradually this township of rich and the famous, mansions, beaches, luxury yachts and high life of the land of fortunes brought a little Indian guy o just have a ‘say’ that would bring unimaginable emotion that was to shape my life for all times to come.

I acknowledge an awkward start in an unknown world, but ever since that time my learning curve has been seriously jittery, though steeply up. As such, many of the later ownerships, associates, friends, even my own family may not appreciate or fathom a trajectory as ‘courageous’ but we fret when we fail to understand that people do not just condemn good or bad; they condemn and mock what in unimaginable. In India, ‘hearsay’ being an acceptable pastime, I would now grade Americans as a lot more realistic and forgiving.

We ‘fret’ or complain, crib, get angry when things go against us and we will joke, find humor even in our own onslaught by somebody in our ‘up’ times. But I will say this that I would not be alone in a domain where we have had an eye to eye on ideology, our beliefs of what ought to be right and wrong, fair and unfair. I have come to understand that it is our positive euphoria in face of downturns which throws all kinds of ‘powers’ that are, out of sync with their emotions when we stand for ourselves or even somebody else.

Problem for fretting is more cumbersome when we will not know when we got bombed and for what, assuming we were honest in our actions and not stooping to mockery or to cheat. This is what insecurity or status does to human beings at any strata of society.

It is our continuous growth through knowledge, quest and jigar but it is always the heart (the dil of the couplet) that gives us the upswings or downswings of emotion. It will always be our courage (the jigar which, in urdu has multiple meanings, directly translating to ‘liver’ in our body), which gets us past these up-downers. This is also called ‘DEMOCRACY”, else if all were to remain status quo same and grow by dictat; where anybody could be right if and only if he/she will also face all the consequences…Amen!

 Like for over two years I have been literally clobbered by a much younger business associate, who seems to go on and on with an ideology of ‘everything fair in love and war’ brought into him by businessmen of higher net worth (anybody, really!), but today I was fretting at his callousness until my fabulous jigar took over. And you might have guessed, this is the man who is the latest contributor to add to my life other kinds of beauty too and hence I stop fretting and write this funny blog, right??!!

So well here’s the cover couplet to the same Ghulam Ali (sung) Ghazal..

Jaan mein meri jaan aayi thi

                        Kal saba kis ki baas layee thi?

 Which translates to..

There was a fleeting influx of life into my (living) being

                        What kind of odour was that, which the breeze brought to me?

So this idea of a blog is the breeze and my strategy to counter the very reasons and origins of fretting!

But people, especially businesses fighting new ways to counter GST or get infra contracts in a chaotic world order are not anymore valuing the wonders of a few lessons of revision into ‘Humanities’ even as the world will curse PMs or ‘Trump-sir’ (what can I say!).

So I will finish off with another couplet from my favorite Jagjit Singh ghazal and it is the cover..

                                    Shola hoon, bhadakne ki guzarish nahin karta

                                    Sach moonh se nikal jaata hai, koshish nahin karta

 Which translates to

I am a Fireball, so I don’t make requests to light-up J

                                    The truth inadvertently comes out, without even my trying

 And this my dear friends is where I am coming out from project and technical reports to some real HARDCORE ‘written’ stuff as a mighty grown-up writer-musician and businessman and I am certain that the grades in all subjects will change UPPY… but grade me the way you wish…..will face consequences (wink!)…and cheers!





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