About “http://Yogimusic.wordpress.com” – the Blog

Yogimusic is about what’s music to my ears. It is NOT about music; but of course some ideas and thoughts presented on this site or originating from this site can go to make poetry for music…..I guess, that’s the ‘function’ of good observations and ideas.

I do hope, I can keep up to that quality!

Any Blog is not complete without feedback. I see that it is easier to put a ‘status’ on Facebook and Twitter….but putting logic to idea build-up or to cross-examine another person’s idea is a very different activity. I feel it is the most crucial and beneficial thing that defines any relationships or friendships.

In earlier times, we were closeted in our thoughts, not knowing who will provide a solution or help find light at the end of a dark tunnel.

So if you are looking at any my Blogs and adding to the ‘comments” and ‘feedback’ you helping through me and many others who connect with this blog or its other links in our “eternal search” as mere objects of creation who came directionless and found each-other to see direction!

Thanks and best regards,

Yogesh Bahadur







One thought on “About “http://Yogimusic.wordpress.com” – the Blog

  1. Much to say about my musical journey, now that Ryan has got me on it…….the trials, tribulations, joy, motivation, de-motivators, communities, singers, composers, songwriters, websites, laws, piracy, rights, performance, struggle, greats, not-so-greats, winners, losers, learning, passion, teams, break-ups, experimentation, western, eastern, world-music, indian, MJ, Rahman, cine music, bands, solos, duets, chorus, arrangements, programming, sound, quality, mixing, editing, ragas, …..the list goes on and on as I look back. What do I do now…..find out how’s it with you….where are the answers to quests…of thousands of passionate musicians tapping on in home studios, queuing outside music companies, production houses, education institutes….

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